Saturday, January 07, 2006

Keely, a Seamstress

Learning to sew

Keely came from Murray and spent the day. She is driving back as I type, and she should be calling me about 9 p.m. to say that she has arrived safe and sound. As moms do, I worry about her being on the roads after dark.

While she was here, she got out some of her old piano books and tried the piano. I remembered some of the songs she played from her years of taking piano lessons. She doesn't have a piano to play at school so she's a little rusty, but she will be able to pick it back up when she has a piano of her own someday.

This afternoon Keely and I drove over to Clarksville where Hancock Fabrics was having a sale on Butterick patterns -- $1.00 each, limit 5. We got some patterns for "garb", that is costumes for Keely's medieval reenactment group (Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA).

Keely got very excited when she read the flyer for next week's sale at Hancock. She has been waiting for a sale so she can get a number of McCalls patterns that she likes, and next week, McCalls patterns will be $1.00 each, limit 5. Also, dress trim (lace, braid, rick-rack, etc.) is going to be 40% off. She announced that she'd be coming home next weekend and we'd be going back over to Clarksville because she wasn't going to miss this sale.

I'm amused, but pleased to see her interested in sewing. When she was in 8th grade or so, I forced her to make a pillowcase, and about that time, I bought her a sewing machine, an older Singer that does straight and zigzag stitches only. For a long time, she didn't have much interest in using it, but then she got involved with SCA. She took her sewing machine to college, and there she's become a seamstress. She sews garb for a number of people in her group, some of whom even pay her money. She has taught herself, and ultimately that's the only way to learn to sew-- by sewing.

She made the suede-y, floppy hat she's wearing in the photo. It's actually supposed to be garb, but she was wearing it out and about today. It looked cute on her.

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