Thursday, January 26, 2006

Senior Moments

Getting older all the time

I joke about senior moments but I had a real one today. And yesterday, too.

After I walked yesterday morning, I went into Arby's to get a soda. The lady at the cash register said it would be 53¢ and I thought, "Wow, that's pretty cheap."

So after I walked this morning, I stopped in at Arby's again to get a drink. I took a dollar bill with me and left my purse in the car. I told the girl at the register that I wanted a medium soda, and she said that it would be $1.55 (or whatever).

"I didn't bring in that much money," I said. "How much would a small drink be?"

"$1.26," she told me.

I started to go after more money but she said, "No, wait -- I'll give you a senior drink, and it will be just 53¢."


It reminds me of the first time I ever had a clerk refer to me as a lady -- as in, "This lady needs some help with ..." That was a shocking experience also.

The Life and age of woman, stages of woman's life from the cradle to the grave.
New York: James Baillie, c. 1848. What a depressing image!

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CONTENTMENT: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry, live simply, expect little, give much, sing often, pray always, forget self, think of others and their feelings, fill your heart with love, scatter sunshine. These are the tried links in the golden chain of contentment.
(Author unknown)

IT IS STILL BEST to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasure; and to be cheerful and have courage when things go wrong.
(Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1867-1957)

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