Saturday, February 04, 2006

Boy Scout Heroes

Valuable skills learned in Scouting

One saved his father's life, and the other rescued a couple from drowning on his fourth day as a lifeguard. Both were recognized Friday night as heroes by the Boy Scouts.

Jacob Ballesteros, an 18-year-old from Pflugerville, and Josh Brown, an Austin 15-year-old, were among the nearly 100 Scouts and Scout leaders honored at a Capitol Area Council awards ceremony at Great Hills Baptist Church...

Quoted from "Teens save lives, receive honors" by Suzannah Gonzales. Published in The Austin American-Statesman (TX) on Saturday, February 04, 2006.

Well done, Jacob Ballesteros and Josh Brown! Even though I don't know these Scouts, I'm proud of them. When thrown into situations where lives were in danger, they knew what to do.

The Boy Scouts take a lot of ribbing about their motto, "Be Prepared," but the truth is that boys who have been through the Scouting program are better prepared than many of their peers to confront and overcome difficult circumstances.

Here is my favorite Boy Scout, my son Isaac, at his troop's Court of Honor in December. He's speaking to the group. (I didn't like all the backs of heads that were in the picture, so I edited everything out except Isaac.)

I admire Isaac's ability to pitch a tent fast, but that's only a small part of what he's learned in Scouts. He has earned merit badges (worn on his green sash) in everything from automotives to woodcarving, and just as importantly, he has had many opportunities to develop leadership skills.

We have a great Scoutmaster, a retired Special Forces Army officer, who has taught the boys all about wilderness survival and map and compass navigation. He has both exemplified and taught the Scout Law along the way. Dennis has been active in Boy Scouts with Isaac, and it has been a wholesome and meaningful activity for the two of them to share.

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