Friday, February 03, 2006

A Methodist Memory

Life in Christian County, Kentucky... Another Trip Down Memory Lane...

First Methodist Church, Hopkinsville, KY

We have lived here in Christian County for about 15 years, and in that time, I have been in the First Methodist Church only two times. I don't remember many details about the interior of the church, and that's too bad because I probably won't visit again for a while.

First Methodist frequently has a recital or luncheon that the public is invited to attend, and of course, they would welcome a visitor at a worship service. I could go but I don't, so I am without excuse but I remain mildly curious about the church's inner appearance.

A young man from our church belonged to the Boy Scout troop that First Methodist Church sponsors. We went to Greg's Eagle Scout ceremony, and that was my second visit to First Methodist Church. I think I remember dark wood pews in the sanctuary.

My first visit to the First Methodist Church was an odd experience. Not long after we moved here, I applied for a job as a teacher in the pre-school at First Methodist. They had been running an ad in the paper, and I sent a letter and got an interview.

The day came, and I dressed up and went to the interview. Two very proper ladies showed me around the pre-school and explained the program. During the tour, it became increasingly clear to me that I was probably not the person they were looking for. Then they announced that they were taking me to a luncheon that was currently underway, and we'd eat while they interviewed me.

So we sat at a little table with our plates of food, and I was very uncomfortable under their scrutiny, answering questions about my philosophy of education as it concerned pre-schoolers between bites. All the while I was becoming more and more sure that I did not really want the job anyhow.

Finally the meal and the questions were finished. We shook hands and I walked out the back door and across the parking lot. I felt weakened as if I had suffered a horrible ordeal. An involuntary shudder came across me and I groaned a great groan of mortification and anguish. At that moment, I heard a voice from behind me ask, "Are you all right?", and it was one of my interviewers who (unbeknownst to me) was walking behind me to her car. "Oh, yes," I chirped. "I'm just fine."

I don't know whom they hired to be their new pre-school teacher, but it was not the woman overheard making Chewbacca noises in the parking lot after her interview.

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