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Green pastures and still waters

I am Genevieve Netz, and I have lived in Christian County, Kentucky, for about 20 years. I love Kentucky (despite the hot, humid days of July and August!)

Location of Christian County, within Kentucky

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Rock County, Nebraska (approximately at the black dot on the map below). The Nebraska Sandhills are a unique prairie region that was once called "The Great American Desert." Several of my great-grandparents were homesteaders there. I cherish my memories of my Sandhill childhood, and I love going back to visit.

Location of the Sandhills, within Nebraska

Between my Nebraska childhood and these recent decades in Kentucky, I lived in Missouri, Bolivia, Missouri again, and Germany.

Second grade
The largest city I've ever lived in was Berlin, Germany. The second largest was Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The least-populated place that I've ever lived was southern Rock County, Nebraska, where I grew up. We lived over 30 miles from town and I attended a one-room grade school that had a total enrollment of up to 9 students (one year, just 5 students.)

Dennis is my husband of 30+ years. We have two children, Keely and Isaac, and a son-in-law, Taurus. My family members sometimes appear in my blog posts, because they are important to me. Keely occasionally writes in the blog, as well.

Traveling, about 1998
I am a Christian, a political conservative, and a former school teacher. I have a deep affection and respect for people who make their living from the land. I enjoy history, family tree research, travel, books, sewing, crafts, flea markets, photography, writing -- and lots of other stuff!

I chose the name "Prairie Bluestem" for this blog because it suggests my heritage, background, and values. The blog is a reflection of my interests, attitudes, and experiences, but there is no stated theme. I write here when free time and inspiration coincide.

My e-mail address is gnetz51@gmail.com.

God bless America,
land that I love!

My brother and me, about 1952

Keely, Dennis, and Isaac at the (former) Berlin Wall, 1992

Dennis took my picture in Cochabamba, Bolivia, about 1981

Near my home in rural Christian County, KY


Betty Palmer said...

Genevieve, I found your blog when I was searching for info about "sand dadders". This is just too funny. This afternoon I finally got back to reading more of your blog because I was curious to see where in the sandhills you grew up. Imagine my surprise to see it was Rock County,also my home during my growing up yrs. I see Mike Schuberts name in a comment also. But you didn't mention your maiden name. I can tell from the date on your picture you are younger than me. What is even more interesting is that I spent a lot of my younger yrs in the country with my dad who had an implement business, even more interesting is that in March my youngest daughter and son in law moved to Sybrant where he is the pastor. Giving me a great chance to renew old friendships. I live in Keya Paha County now, just north of Rock Co. My name is Betty Hebard Palmer. By the way, Rock County will be celebrating it's 125
anniversary in 2013, plans are already going strong. I would love to hear from you, I'm sure we know many of the same people. Have a great week, hope to hear from you soon. Betty Palmer dbpalmer@threeriver.net

Genevieve said...

Hi, Betty. Thanks for your note. I e-mailed you yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the blog, and I hope you'll visit again. Best wishes!

Woodland Trekker said...

I live in Trigg County, Cadiz, KY. I just moved here from Hot Springs, SD, and I used to shop for groceries in Chadron, NE not far from Valentine. Anyhow, I went to Pilot Knob a few weeks ago. Loved it. You should check out Pennyrile State Park near Dawson Springs. Today I weny to Mantle Rock near Joy, KY and it was beautiful. There's quite a few neat places to see in this part of KY. Any rocky hiking area I find reminds me of the Black Hills where I lived.

Genevieve said...

Hi, Damian. I attended college a couple of years in Chadron, and I haven't been to the Black Hills since. I hope to revisit that area one of these days.

Robyn said...

I have relatives (several greats back) that lived in Christian/Trigg KY area. I came across your blog while digging for info about them. For a period of time William Endsley (died 1919) worked at JH Anderson Shoes. His father John Endsley lived around there too. One census says he was a saddler. I'm looking forward to digging into your blog to see what I can find!!

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IT IS STILL BEST to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasure; and to be cheerful and have courage when things go wrong.
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