Friday, February 17, 2006

Waiting for the snow to start

Snow and more snow

We are supposed to get up to three inches of snow overnight. In southern Kentucky, that's a significant snowfall! It's going to get pretty darned cold too -- down to 10 degrees (F.) tomorrow night. Then there's a possibility of more snow on Monday. It looks like the snow may start melting on Tuesday.

We have a three-day weekend because of Presidents Day on Monday. Isaac is hoping it might turn into a four-day weekend if the snow sticks. He'd love to see school cancelled on Tuesday, and that certainly could happen. When we get ice or snow on the roads, school is usually cancelled. Bad weather is so limited here that we don't have to keep the schools open and send out the buses during it. We can cancel school and wait a day or two for the roads to improve.

It took me a while to understand that attitude toward the weather. I was from the north, and I expected school to carry on unless the roads were blocked by deep snow.

Anyway, we're waiting for the snow to start and looking forward to it in a way. I brought in a huge pile of firewood this evening. I'll put out some food for the birds in the morning, and then I plan to sew for the rest of the day.


Happy and Skittles, our two housecats, have been distressed by the weather this morning. Happy has asked several times to go outside, but when the door is opened, he changes his mind. Skittles went outside for approximately 30 seconds before she wanted to come back inside.

At 10 am CST this morning...many communities in far southeast Missouri...far southern Illinois and much of western Kentucky are still receiving light to moderate snow. Several areas had snow measuring 3 inches deep...and a Heavy Snow Warning continues until noon. Another problem over the area is the unseasonably cold temperatures and windy conditions. Wind chills are between 5 and 10 below zero. There have been numerous reports of traffic accidents across the quad state roads are snow packed and well as visibilities dropping to a quarter mile in the heavier snows. Traveling is not recommended this morning...but if you must go out...use extreme caution and allow extra travel time. Please take along blankets...Snacks...bottled water and a snow shovel.

Source: Winter Weather Statement, Weather Underground's Hopkinsvile forecast for February 18, 2006.

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