Tuesday, December 26, 2006

iPod Agonies

All In The Family...

Isaac has wanted an iPod terribly for a long while. He promised to sacrifice all other Christmas presents if only he could have the iPod he wanted, so we got it for him. We didn't hold him literally to his pledge, but his iPod was his Christmas this year other than some little stocking stuffers and a couple of shirts.

Isaac was so happy when he opened it, but when he connected the iPod into our computer, it didn't work right. iTunes (used for loading music onto the iPod) couldn't see the iPod even though Windows knew it was there. By Christmas night, Isaac's joy had turned to frustration and nearly to despair.

Today after much fruitless effort and suffering with downloads, online manuals, and so on, Isaac decided that we should go to Radio Shack in Hopkinsville (authorized iPod dealer) and ask a human for advice. I went with him and as we walked into the store, a clerk who was leaning against the counter asked if he could help us.

Isaac began to describe the problem, and the clerk interrupted, "Where'd you buy it?" I answered that I'd purchased it from the Apple website, and as I spoke the words, the clerk's face closed. "We wouldn't be able to help you with that," he announced.

Isaac said that he was just hoping for advice. The clerk replied that he didn't know anything about iPods. That was the end of the conversation. He did not want to talk to us anymore. He did not call another clerk over to hear the question. He did not even advise us to seek help online. He made it clear that he was unable,unwilling and unfriendly, so we left. I guess he was teaching us a lesson about where to shop.

When we got home, I persuaded Isaac to let me mess with it. I found some suggestions on the Apple website which I tried. I uninstalled iTunes, deleted the temporary files, restarted the computer, reinstalled iTunes, then rebooted the iPod as well.

It still didn't look like it was going to work -- and then suddenly it did work. Isaac was overjoyed and even admitted that I might not be as stupid as I look (even though I am terribly irritating.) Wink

He has spent the evening importing his music into iTunes and moving it into the iPod. He's been learning how it works as he goes along -- there was a bad moment when he erased everything he'd loaded so far -- but it looks like it's going to be all right.

I just hope that after he disconnects the iPod, the darned thing works right. And I hope that iTunes remembers the iPod when he tries to reconnect it again.

Ah, the little agonies of this age of technology.

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