Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Construction Adhesive

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Hands coated with construction adhesive

Today, I got a lot of construction adhesive on my hands, but I made good progress on the shop table I'm building. It's turning out to be a workbench rather than a table because I decided to make it narrower.

I thought about photographing my progress but I have such a mess in my workspace. I'll post a photo later when I get the table finished, the floor swept, and the tools put away.

I am still puzzling about the warped 2x12's that I want to use for the top. I have three boards to choose from. One is not warped. The other two are so twisted that when three corners touch down, the fourth corner is nearly an inch in the air.

I originally thought that I would use two boards lengthwise. Now I'm thinking about cutting the boards into shorter lengths and laying them crosswise. Short boards can't have as much warp as the 8-foot boards do!

I don't think that running the boards crosswise will affect the sturdiness of the bench at all. The bench is extremely solid (thanks to lag bolts and construction adhesive and a whole bunch of nails and screws.) It is the most solid thing I have ever built. I expect it will last at least a couple of centuries.

Of course, I could go to town and buy a new 2x12 that's not warped, but that would defeat one of my purposes for this project -- to use up a lot of scrap lumber.

I could finish up in just a few more hours. I wish I could get it done tomorrow, but I must work in my garden tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon is booked too. Maybe Wednesday.


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