Monday, March 31, 2008

Deadlines Loom


Some years, I finish my bookkeeping and file our income taxes early, but not this year. I finally forced myself to do some preliminaries to tax-figuring on Sunday. I cleaned out the file cabinet and sorted through the bills and receipts that I've been tossing into a box since last April.

Once I got started, I wondered why I'd been postponing the job. Organizing the papers we really need and getting rid of the rest gave me a nice feeling of virtue. In fact, I stayed up rather late working on it last night.

I felt tired, achy, and hot at work today, but I blamed it on the warm building and my short hours of sleep. When I got home this evening and took my temperature, I learned I had a fever of 101.3°. With Advil, it has dropped about a degree now. Apparently, I'm getting a cold.

I need to complete our (and Isaac's) income tax, finish filling the photo frame that we are giving to Dennis's mother, and help Keely move. Tonight, though, I only have energy for lying on the sofa.


Maybe I can figure out how to use the new Gmail "Custom Time" to help meet my deadlines. (I'm just making a lame joke. Truly, I am disappointed with Google.)

Custom Time gives Gmail users the option of setting back the timestamp of an e-mail -- even as far back as the time that Gmail was invented.

Some of the user comments reek with dishonesty. What happened to "First, do no harm," which is supposed to be Google's motto.

Maybe this is Google's idea of an April Fool joke.

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