Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunset over the Ohio River

A mighty river

Isaac and I enjoyed seeing the Ohio River at Henderson, KY, and again at Evansville, Indiana. We saw this beautiful sunset from a nice park on the riverfront in Henderson.  It has many inviting benches, where you can rest and enjoy the view.

Several of the benches were occupied by groups of men who were chatting and watching the river. A few other people sat alone in the park.

A few blocks east of here, a wide, long, steep street leads right down into the water. It's a public access area to the river where anyone can put a boat into the water. It has parking spaces on both sides of it, so we drove about halfway down to the water and parked. It felt strange; we discussed whether cars ever tipped over sideways and rolled into the river. (Probably not.)

We got out and walked around briefly, but didn't loiter. We felt much safer on the high bank, above the river where the buildings sit, than on a steep downhill slope ending in water. Landlubbers like us have great respect for big rivers like this.


Nibby P said...

Great comments and pictures of the downtown where I live and love! I live at the top of the hill front children s park.

Genevieve said...

Henderson is a great town with lots of interesting things to see and do. I took lots of photos and will probably post some more of them over the next few days. We're planning to return to the area sometime soon to take my husband to the LST Memorial.

I'm really glad you stopped by.

Nibby P said...

Our family would love to have you stay at our Bed and Breakfast

Genevieve said...

That does sound like fun, and it is certainly a beautiful home. I enjoyed the photos on your site.

To be honest, I've never stayed at an American B&B though we sometimes stayed at "Zimmer frei"'s when we traveled in Germany.

There is probably a real word for the German "Room available". The signs always said "Zimmer frei" so that's what we called them.

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