Thursday, February 05, 2009

Electricity Restored

I'm happy to report that our electrical lines have been repaired and we have electricity in our house again. Counting from Tuesday of last week to today (Thursday), we had ten days that were spent at least partly without electricity.

A crew of linemen came to the house last night about 7:00 pm, but decided that our problems were too extensive to fix in the dark. They came back this morning and spent about five hours shoring up the tilted pole and repairing multiple broken lines.

One of the guys was from North Carolina, but the others were from Tennessee. All were employees of the Davis H. Elliott Company.

The Davis H. Elliot Companies, a group of professional construction service providers, specializing in transmission and distribution line construction and repair, commercial and industrial electrical construction, sub-stations, street lighting, traffic signaling, and underground utility locating. (Source)

According to a January 28, 2009, news release, Elliott sent nearly a thousand power line workers to eight states after the ice storm.

They are definitely my heroes today!


Sarabeth said...

I am happy that your power is restored. I refrained from commenting on your earlier posts so I didn't add to the growing list of emails you must have.

The post about everyone's stories is really excellent.

Genevieve said...

Thanks, Sarabeth, and yes, I did have quite a pile of e-mail to work through. It is great to have the conveniences of electricity again. I wish everyone else had their power back too!

Nichole said...

Glad your power is on. Yes, I know you are so glad that you are on County water. I can't imgagine having to gather ice to melt to flush your toilet. That was really an adventure. Thanks for compiling so many stories about the ice storm.

Genevieve said...

Well, you do what you have to do. Drip water from the roof is actually fairly clean. It wouldn't be my choice to drink it, but it's clean enough to heat and bathe in it.

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