Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nine Historic Homes in Henderson, Kentucky

A few photographs of Henderson's historic residential district

I took these photos of handsome old homes in Henderson, KY, when my son Isaac and I visited the town last fall. Henderson has a great number of buildings, commercial as well as residential, that date back to the great days of tobacco shipping on the Ohio River.

It was hot on the afternoon we visited Henderson's historic residential district, and my companion was a little impatient. I didn't do the walking tour as I had hoped. Rather, I drove through the district and got out of the car a few times to take photographs of the luxurious homes built in Henderson's past.

It would be better to walk the tour than drive it as I did. It's often difficult to find a parking place, and some of the streets are heavily traveled. I didn't get to find and identify most of the houses and commercial buildings on the tour brochure.

Henderson is an interesting town. We would still have several days of things to see and do if we were to visit again. Maybe we'll go again this spring, with Dennis this time, so we can take him to the LST memorial  just across the river in Evansville, Indiana. Dennis is a Navy veteran, and he would really enjoy touring the ship. I'm planning to post some photos of our visit to the LST later this week.

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Mark said...

These old homes have true character, as opposed to the ersatz character builders try to decorate new homes with. I would love to have an old house like this, except for the cost and difficulty of adding things like modern, up-to-code electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation.

Genevieve said...

They certainly weren't cookie cutter houses, like some of the subdivisions nowadays. The quality of workmanship in them was usually very good, and they included many details that would cost a fortune nowadays. You're right about the problems and expense involved in owning one, though. It is an ongoing labor of love.

John Ruberry said...

Great pictures of great homes. Galena, IL is the closest place to me where I can find such dwellings.

Genevieve said...

Houses like these are uncommon in Nebraska (where I grew up), except in the major towns and cities. The reason is simply that a lot of Nebraska was just getting settled in the late 1800's and early 1900s.

But surely Chicago has many nifty old houses and big old mansions, still fit to live in.

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