Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things to See and Do

Internet diversions

Can't wait for spring? Here's a flower garden that you don't have to plant. Click anywhere -- or click and hold as you move across the page. (Thanks, Gloria and Alta!)

Gloria also sent a link to a Rootsweb section devoted to old-time picture postcards. Choose your state and then find your county. I was surprised at some of the little towns that are represented.

Check out these photos of a Great Horned Owl family and their nest in downtown St. Marys, Georgia.  (Thank you, Alta!)

Another email from Alta led me to Pixdaus, a site with over 7000 pages of photographs. I saw many beautiful photos of nature that would be nice backgrounds for the desktop.

Here's a froggy logic game from Kenneth that you might enjoy. I solved it after several (OK, a dozen or more!) false starts, and I'm sure you can do the same.

Now that your brain is revved up and both lobes are thinking, test your knowledge of Mideast geography. Just drag the name of each country to the place on the map where it belongs. There is no time limit, and the map will not let you make a mistake. (Thank you, Fred.)

Our last link today opens a chapter of heartland history -- the story of the North Platte (NE) canteen on You-Tube. Elaine added a personal story:

I think you'll enjoy the Canteen story. Bob, my husband was there on his eighteenth birthday and they asked if any one of the young men had a birthday. The ladies were giving a cake to the birthday boys. He was so shy and scared that he didn't say a word. When the group boarded the train again, one of the group said," Too bad someone didn't have a birthday as we could be eating cake." Bob never said a word. Aug.7, l943.

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