Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hitting the Garage Sale Trail

Saturday morning entertainment

Relay for Life Yard sale at Town and Country
Real Estate in Hopkinsville, KY

Usually I enjoy sleeping late on my day off, but this morning, I got up early so I could go to some Saturday morning yard sales with Keely and my friend Lisa. I picked up Keely at 7:15 AM, and we stopped at a convenience store to get coffee and Whistlestop donuts (breakfast) on our way to pick up Lisa.

Last night, I studied yard sale ads in the newspaper, looked up the addresses I didn't know, and planned a route. We went to most of the sales that were advertised and added a few that we found along the way. Keely and I estimate that we went to about 25 sales in 4 hours.

My rewards for getting up early were a metal rooster doorstop, a set of 10 Bible storybooks (the same set that I read as a child), 3 pairs of brand-new jeans for Dennis ($2 per pair!), and a nice hexagonal mirror I'm going to hang in the bathroom. Keely bought a fiber optic lamp, a set of fairy figurines, and a mushroom-shaped cookie jar. Lisa bought a CB radio and a set of ping-pong paddles.

Most of Hopkinsville's yard sales start at 6 AM and end at noon. We saw one lady packing up her sale at 11:00 AM! I'm not sure why Hopkinsville is fond of such an early schedule. In other towns, yard sales commonly stay open until mid-afternoon.

Next weekend (Thursday through Sunday, June 4-7) is the 400 Mile Sale along Kentucky Highway 68. Dozens of sales will be held in and around Hopkinsville, and many more will be set up along 68/80 through Christian County and beyond.

I read that the Senior Center is renting 400 Mile Sale spaces for $30 each -- in their big multi-purpose room, I suppose. I think that might be a good sale to check. My theory: When people have to pack up their stuff and haul it to the sale, they leave the junk at home and only bring the good stuff.

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