Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bad Signs

Seen in a town that shall remain nameless

I've been looking at this sign for about a year now. I think the owners of the store speak English as a second language. Still, you'd think they'd have noticed by now. It might be my duty to tell them.
I wonder -- how do you meatloaf fry a chicken? I'm intrigued. I'm also glad there's much more on the buffet because that chicken could be really strange.


Bill Harper said...

This sign should definitely be rearranged, maybe this way:



Lesa said...

I have seen this so many times on the boulevard lately! I had to read it twice the first time to get the message right! I even counted the spaces to see if fried would fit on the next line with chicken and it will! This kind of thing drives me crazy! I've noticed that some places use a 3 backwards for an E or an upside down M for a W! My husband thinks I'm crazy when I point these things out on signs!
Cracker Barrel also makes me wonder with their Chicken Fried Chicken. Do chickens fry other chickens? Why can't they just say Fried Chicken?!

Genevieve said...

They may not have commas in the set of letters. However, they could break the lines at logical points. Bill's suggestion looks good to me.

I agree, Lesa -- what on earth is
Chicken Fried Chicken?

It's amusing that "thoopid" is the word verification to post this comment.

Mark said...

Maybe they meant "chicken-fried meatloaf," like the chicken-fried steak you see these days. Fried meatloaf? No, I guess not.

I have seen "chicken-fried chicken," but I'm pretty sure they were being funny.

Anonymous said...

The owner speaks a better English than you do. The sign was made by some illiterate hillbilly.

Genevieve said...

Mark, you are probably right about the humor of "chicken-fried chicken". At least, it gets attention.

Genevieve said...

Anonymous, if I was the owner and I was literate enough to know the sign had a misspelled word, I certainly wouldn't have displayed it for a year.

Collagemama said...

I used to drive past the Wok Bueno restaurant every day on the way to work. After that melting pot concept a chicken-fried meatloaf sounds pretty all-American. Bring on the ketchup!

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