Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fledgling Flies

Isaac has gone to college

Isaac moved into his college dorm last weekend. Keely and her boyfriend went over to Murray to help him haul his belongings up the stairs to his third-floor room. I had to work, so I didn't get to supervise the move -- probably just as well.

Isaac's roommate is a young man whom he knew in high school. Brandon is a sophomore and he's been at Murray State for a year already. Isaac finally got his transcript and financial aid problems straightened out, so he is officially a junior and my blood pressure is normal again.

Isaac's classes started on Wednesday. In one of them, he has already made a choice from a list of research paper topics. He says he's going to have a lot of reading, and I'm sure he's right. He couldn't register for classes until his records were in order, so this is what he was finally able to get:

  • Intro to Archaeology
  • Intro to Criminal Justice
  • Modern Europe
  • Intro to Historical Studies
  • History of Latin America

The house has been oddly quiet all week. The laundry basket is empty and there aren't many dirty dishes. The television stays on the same channel. The collection of books on the kitchen table is half its former size. The cats know that Isaac is missing, and they are shadowing me.

Isaac's college town (Murray, KY) is just an hour and a half away, so Isaac's coming home for the weekend. He wants to get some things he forgot, do his laundry, carry on his Hopkinsville social life, etc. Dennis and I are looking forward to his visit. The cats will be happy to see him, too.

The line at the Financial Aid Office, on our last visit there.


Michael Leddy said...

That's a nice distance -- far enough to be away, close enough for either generation to visit easily.

Genevieve said...

I don't think he'll object if we want to come over and treat him to a restaurant meal every now and then.

Art Boldt said...

This is Nichole signed in under hubbie's blog. We well remember those days. Faith went to Murray State, too. I can still remember moving her in etc. That was 12 years ago. Boy, time flies.

Genevieve said...

And it seems like time keeps going faster and faster. It was not that long ago that my kids were playing house under the old maple trees in the backyard.

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