Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Beautiful Weeds

Maybe they're flowers?

God made dandelions for little children. They needed a flower they could pick without anyone scolding them!

I think the small, purple flowers are henbit. The plant seems to thrive in fields where the ground was worked during the previous year.  This time of the year, some fields are purple with masses of the tiny flowers. It grows during cold weather, blooms in early spring, and makes its seeds fast. By the time the field is worked, henbit (if that is indeed its name) has already accomplished its life mission.


ptg said...

Nice photo and a good write.

Genevieve said...

Just weeds, PT, growing in a little strip of dirt in the middle of a sea of concrete. They're hardy!

Anonymous said...

"God made dandelions for little children...."

I'll never again look the same way at that lowly weed. Thank you.

A Friend in Nevada

Genevieve said...

Yes, Friend, and fortunately for the children, dandelions are usually plentiful. :)

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