Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Late Light on a Wet Day

Uneasy skies

In Hopkinsville, late yesterday afternoon, the sun pierced the clouds and spotlighted the elevators. After a dark, wet day, the sudden light was dazzling.  Half an hour later, the sun slipped below a dark bank of clouds. Darkness came quickly.

The blizzard is passing north of us. Here, we are supposed to get rain, high winds, and colder temperatures. We have a wind advisory until 3 PM today. Wind gusts may reach 40 mph.

I am worried about friends and family who live in areas that are feeling the storm's full force. Despite the weather, some people have to work outside -- the farmers and ranchers have to feed their livestock, for example. I hope the travelers all got off the roads and found refuge.

In my mind, I just heard my mother say that I should pray for people, instead of worrying!

Is the storm passing through your area? Please tell us about it.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I think your Mother was a very wise woman.

The comfort of prayer is like a warm blanket of love sent out to help those in need.

But I know what you mean about worrying about all those people out there. I think all of use who have been through horrible weather, always feel for those who suffer through it, too.

Blessings always. :)

Janet said...

Weather repercussions are felt in the Valley of Phoenix AZ. The airport is open, schools are in session and there is no run on driveway salt. Our biggest weather worry here is a freeze warning that could harm plants and crops...and delay tee times at the Phoenix Open. Our yard is bathed in sheets, and covering over all plants - the citrus trees are too big for cover, we wet the ground around their base and hope for the best. I read several fans traveling to Dallas to see Super Bowl were delayed in town as 23 percent of flights had been canceled. After phone calls to Chgo area, we can count our blessings. We hope all Prairie Bluestem readers are safe & sound. Janet

Genevieve said...

Hi, Stitchy. I was just reading about the hundreds of thousands of people who have no electricity. In Kentucky, we remember the big ice storm that went through here almost exactly two years ago and the problems we all had coping without electricity -- and we didn't have the deep snow to further complicate the situation. No wonder the National Guard has been called out in many states!

Genevieve said...

Janet, I hope the tender plants and trees of the Phoenix Valley survive without damage. I can really picture your sheet-shrouded shrubs and plants, having done the same thing myself a few times. I've even tried to cover the fruit trees before, but that was an impossible effort!

John Ruberry said...

We had snow. Lots of it. 20 inches.

Genevieve said...

John's not kidding about lots of snow. Check out his photos at Blizzard 2011 Photos, Morton Grove, Illinois.

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