Sunday, October 02, 2011

How I Entertain Myself

Country fun

I bought a firewood-rack kit at Lowes on clearance last spring. It looked really easy. The only tool needed was a screwdriver to put in four screws. The finished rack looked sort of like a shelf with attached bookends, quite similar to the rack at this link. The kit had the end pieces and screws in it, and the buyer had to supply two 2x4s. The directions said it would take about 15 minutes to assemble.

Today, I decided to put the kit together. I got a couple of used-but-sturdy 2x4s out of the shed and tried to "slip" the end pieces onto them, per the instructions. Ha ha. It took me an hour and a half. I had to rasp off the high spots for four inches back on each end of each 2x4. Then I beat the pieces on with a sledge hammer.  (Maybe I should buy a little wood plane? Maybe I should have used new 2x4s. Maybe I should have let Dennis do it!)

I still haven't completed the assembly. I quit and came inside when I got the last piece beaten on. Tomorrow, I'll put in the screws that hold the pieces in place, whether they're necessary or not.  I think it will take about, oh, maybe 15 minutes.

Just think of all the entertainment I've had already, and I haven't even stacked the firewood on the rack yet. That kit was definitely a bargain.

Image by Muffet
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Sunny said...

am thinking new 2 x 4's would have been an easier way to go, as they are now not quite "2 x 4". But at least you got the hard part done. I love stacking wood!

Genevieve said...

I did trim the ends of both 2x4s before I started, but they must still have been a bit splayed, warped, and/or swollen!

I think the satisfaction of admiring your large, nicely stacked woodpile is similar to the satisfaction of admiring your jars of home canning. You know you're ready for the winter!

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