Monday, October 17, 2011


Time flies.

At the store, I overheard this confused conversation between a 50-ish woman and her 30-ish daughter.

Mom: It's been at least a century since I bought new towels.

Daughter: No, it has not been a century, Mom! You got new towels when you redid the bathroom. That was seven years ago.

Mom: Well, I guess you're right. It seems like it's been over a century, though.
I have noticed that entire months slip by very quickly. Does that relate? I'm not sure.

Over a century ago
(Flickr image by peagreengirl)


Collagemama said...

I relate. My walking buddy and I have wondered why no one gives us a shower when we turn fifty to give us new towels and sheets. I still call the dishes I bought in 1989 "the new set".

Genevieve said...

The "half-century shower" sounds like a plan to me, Collagemama, and I know that the mom in line would have agreed with you.

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