Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Autumn Images

Seen in Christian County, KY

There's plenty of time to take a picture, when following a buggy uphill. They are extremely slow, but I never pass them on a hill, even if I'm in a terrible hurry. I figure that it's better to be a few minutes late than to risk a collision. However, I often see impatient drivers who pass without a clue of what's coming in the other lane.

Tobacco is curing in the barns of Christian County, KY. This old barn, built right beside a back road, is always closed tight, with a "No Trespassing" sign on the doors. When I drove by last week, I was surprised to see its doors opened wide.

This clump of trees in the middle of a Christian County field probably marks an old family graveyard. It's sad that so many old cemeteries receive no care at all, but when the families are unavailable, unable, or uninterested, the burden of upkeep falls on the landowner. Most farmers adopt an attitude of benign neglect, and nature takes its course.

Autumn color in Hopkinsville (KY). Some people around the county have reported heavy frost, but we haven't had a killing frost at our house yet. I still have impatiens blooming, though their days are surely numbered.

And who's that crowding into the picture with the impatiens? Why, it's Sophie, of course, doing her best to be the center of attention. I'm in the process of building an elaborate doghouse for her. It has two rooms, and it's better insulated than our house is! I am not a very fast carpenter, so it's still going to require a couple more days of work. And it's so heavy that I'm thinking we might put it in the truck and drive it to the carport, instead of trying to carry it.


Collagemama said...

Sophie is a lucky dog. I'm figuring my retirement won't be that insulated!

John Ruberry said...

Great pics...no frost up here yet.

Genevieve said...

John, I don't remember having impatiens in November any other year of the 20 that we've lived here.

Collagemama, it was a lucky day for little Sophie when she decided to make friends with Dennis. They have their own little mutual admiration society. :D

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Awwww Sophie is a cutie! I can look in those eyes and tell she's a lot of fun to have around. :)

Your first picture is awesome. I love the buggy with the splashes of color across the sky. Lovely. I always try to respect those in the buggies, too....I don't want to scare the horses so I try to go by slower than normal. I always love how every once in a while you will see little faces out of the back window of the buggy. Some times the really little ones will wave. So cute.

The trees are wearing the colors of autumn in all her glory. I love fall. It's always so beautiful.

Thanks for a great post and wonderful pictures as always. :)

Genevieve said...

I was a little disappointed that the picture wasn't in better focus, but it is what it is. I just had one chance to catch the buggy against the sky. It's not too bad for being taken through the windshield, just aiming the camera in the general direction.

I agree about not trying not to spook the horses. A few days ago, I was following a buggy down a two-lane. The horse freaked out when it met a semi and nearly took the buggy over the edge of the road. Then it tried to run away. That must have been nerve-wracking for the riders, to say the least.

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