Sunday, October 28, 2012

October in Christian County, Kentucky

Fall pictures

Dramatic sky

I pulled off "The Boulevard" (Ft. Campbell Blvd. in Hopkinsville) to take this picture of the spectacular colors in the sky. Just a few moments later, the sun went behind a cloud, and the brilliance was gone.

Pair of pintos

I'm not sure whose horses these are, but I don't think a Mennonite owns them. They're too flashy in color, and besides, I don't think a Mennonite would turn his horses loose in the woods. They'd be too hard to catch if he needed to go somewhere.

Gold and blue landscape

I took this photo early in October. Since then, autumn colors have deepened, and many of the leaves have fallen. The maples in our yard have lost nearly all their leaves. The oaks tend to hold their leaves longer.

Autumn wildflowersRed berries

These fall wildflowers are growing along the "Town Fork" of Little River (as it was called in earlier times) in Hopkinsville. The lavender flowers are little wild asters. I saw the red berries along the banks of Little River, too. If you know what sort of berries they are, please tell me in the comments. I think there's honeysuckle in that tangled mass of vegetation -- it is so terribly invasive, once it gets started.

Bolts of cloth

Keely has been sewing Halloween costumes. I went with her to WalMart one afternoon to help pick out fabric. We didn't see anything there that suited her. A few days later, she came out here, and we looked through my stash and found some pieces she thought would work. I am pretty sure I'll never get all the fabric in my stash sewed, so I like to share it with Keely every now and then.

Taillights of a buggy

On the Sundays that I work, I often see buggies going through Hopkinsville at about the same time that I'm heading home myself.  Darkness arrives earlier now, so I wish the families in the buggies would head home a little earlier. I am careful when I see their four flashing taillights, but I fear that other drivers are not.

I think this is a Mennonite buggy, as it has a triangular slow-moving-vehicle sign. The Amish don't like the triangular orange sign -- they recently agreed with the State of Kentucky that they will outline their buggies in silver reflective tape instead. I am not sure if the local Amish use battery-powered headlights or not.

UK-blue Christmas tree

And finally, just a reminder that the holiday season has already begun. I don't remember ever seeing a blue Christmas tree before, but I'm surprised I haven't. The citizens of Kentucky really support the UK teams.


Collagemama said...

That first photo is a stunner.

Genevieve said...

It turned out pretty good for being taken in town. The colors of the oil-change place even complement the sky and trees. That's just a happy coincidence, of course.

Karen said...

I didn't realize Mennonites used horse and buggy transportation. I thought they selected cars without chrome bumpers or trim. Must be a different variety of Mennonites.

Genevieve said...

The Mennonites in my part of Christian County are Old Order Mennonites. Russian Mennonites have also settled around here. I call them Russian Mennonites because that is what our Old Order Mennonite neighbors call them. They both use buggies. The people of Mennonite communities live by the rules that the local churches set for them, so there is a wide, wide variation in what they do and don't do.

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