Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mr. Crawford Remembered

And a vintage sign removed...

This photo was taken in 2006.

Mr. Crawford's parents had operated a little country store in our neighborhood at one time, and Mr. Crawford inherited the property. One day, he quit his bank job in town and moved into the store building.  He lived a very simple life there, without running water or electricity. In the yard around the old store, he had lots of little gardening spots where he grew grapes and flowers and heirloom tomatoes.

During those years, I worked part-time in another little country store in the neighborhood (also now closed), and Mr. Crawford came to the store every now and then to eat a sandwich and visit with anyone who was there. I passed along to him a big stack of old Organic Gardening magazines that my brother-in-law had given me, and he read (studied!) them cover-to-cover and loved to discuss the gardening ideas in them.

Then Mr. Crawford moved away. He said that he couldn't take the stench of the big new chicken barn across the creek any longer. About that same time, I started working in town. So our paths didn't cross anymore, and I don't believe I ever saw Mr. Crawford again. He passed away last Christmas. I read about it in the newspaper.

Not long after his death, someone removed the Pepsi-Cola sign from the old store building. Maybe the sign was kept by a family member -- I hope so. Or maybe someone took it for their private collection, or maybe, since it was a metal sign, it ended up at a salvage yard. Whatever the case, I doubt it will be seen again by the general public.

I still see the little store building as I drive down the road to and from my home, and it always makes me think of Mr. Crawford. He was kindly and intelligent, and I'm sorry that he's gone on.


Collagemama said...

He quit his bank job and lived simply. Mr. Crawford sounds very wise, and I am sad about the sign.

Vern said...

Another nostalgic issue dear friend – always look forward to the next post.

One comment if I may in regard to your post - The ancient Greeks believed that a deceased person was immortal so long as his name was remembered and spoken by the living. Speak Mr. Crawford’s name often.

Genevieve Netz said...

Thanks, Collagemama and Vern. Mr. Crawford was marching to a different drummer than most of us, but he seemed to enjoy life. By Christian County standards, he lived in a primitive way. But by world standards, he was richer than many on this planet with his house and his little piece of land.

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