Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Glo Bar

Long-time saloon in Hopkinsville, KY

This is the infamous Glo Bar on Virginia Street in the old downtown area of Hopkinsville. When we moved here about 15 years ago, the Glo Bar was still open and so was its comrade just down the street, the Cinderella Bar. Trouble sought out these two watering holes, it seemed. Many police reports in the newspaper mentioned one or both of them.

We laughed about their names and said that when you started to Glo you felt like Cinderella.

One old timer from Hopkinsville remembers that the Glo Bar had a sign on the door that said something like "So easy to enter but so hard to leave."

The hell that was raised in joints like this was the reason that the entire city of Hopkinsville was put off limits to Fort Campbell at least once. I think that was during the 1960's.

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