Saturday, December 09, 2006

Scenes from Dover TN and Fort Donelson

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This morning while Isaac was taking the ACT at Dover, TN, I wandered around the Fort Donelson National Battleground and National Cemetery for a couple of hours. The Union victory here was a turning point in the War Between the States. The grounds were beautiful in the cold bright light, and the extreme quiet of the place was almost eerie.

Fort Donelson National BattlegroundFort Donelson National Battleground

Fort Donelson National BattlegroundCumberland River below Fort Donelson

Fort Donelson National CemeteryFort Donelson National Cemetery

Fort Donelson National CemeteryFort Donelson National Cemetery

Cumberland River, Dover TNDover Hotel, Dover TN

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the.chronicler said...

Awesome. I love stuff like that.

Genevieve said...

I would like to go back on a warmer day and hike some of the trails.

RunAwayImagination said...

You take such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

One of my work colleagues commutes to Nashville every day from his home in Dover.

Genevieve said...

Your co-worker has a long commute! It takes forever to drive from Clarksville to Dover. I know he is looking forward to the 4-lane being completed.

Thanks for your nice comment, Runaway. :)

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