Saturday, June 16, 2007

Isaac's 18th Birthday

All In The Family...

Isaac, a few weeks after his first birthday

Isaac, 17 years ago

Isaac's 18th birthday has been an all-week affair.

It began when he got his new iPod two days before his birthday. This one is a refurbished iPod Nano, ordered from the Apple website. He likes it, possibly even better than his previous, larger iPod which was stolen from him at school.

Then on Wednesday, his actual birthday, we had a small birthday dinner and a minor birthday package ( a very minor package, because the Nano was the big present.)

Now we're getting ready for a birthday party with eight or ten friends here at the house tomorrow evening. Yesterday, we shopped for food. Today, I got the stuff I forgot yesterday. This evening, we've been cleaning house. Tomorrow morning, I'll vacuum and bake the birthday cake.

The menu is:
Hot dogs & fixings
Baked beans
Macaroni & cheese
Veggie & Relish tray
Pea salad
Chips & dip
Deviled eggs
Oreo Dessert
Cake & Ice Cream

I meant to buy some potato salad, but I didn't have it on the list, so I forgot it. If I have time, I may make some. The pea salad is very easy. I will try to remember to post the recipe. Keely is going to make the deviled eggs when she gets here.

It's very dry, but if the wind is not blowing, we'll have a small bonfire in the evening and roast the hot dogs. We've made a fire ring on the gravel driveway, and we'll have the garden hose handy.

If it is windy, I'll "toast" them in a skillet or maybe boil them.

Isaac is in charge of the entertainment. He set up a net for badminton and/or volleyball. He had to wet the ground with the hose and let the water sink in before he could get the poles in the ground. The net is a little low for volleyball, but that makes it easier. He also has a lawn bowling game he's going to try out.

Many times in past years, Isaac's birthday was slighted a little because early June was when we traveled. When we were at the grandparents, they were happy to celebrate his birthday, of course, but he didn't get to have his friends over. I'm glad we're squeezing in one more birthday party with the group before he totally grows up.


Not too fancy, but I expect it will work.

Birthday cake

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Sarabeth said...

I hope the party was a good one!

Genevieve said...

I think everyone had a pretty good time, including Isaac. I was tired last night!

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