Friday, June 08, 2007

Me? Band?

My Various Hobbies... Not Easily Classified...

As Mom has said, I was in choir for all of high school, and also for two years in middle school (Sixth grade choir was not offered at the school I attended). Also, I took piano lessons for longer than I care to think of. So you can say that I've had musical experience.

Taurus was fixing the computer of some friends of ours a couple of days ago, and I was over hanging out in the meantime. In typical me fashion, I was singing to something in my head, and the friends we were visiting overheard me. They decided executively that I should sing back up in their band. They later also made the executive decision that I should play my lap harp on several of the songs.

So, apparently I'm in a band. And by band, I don't mean like six teenagers who practice in their parent's garage. This band actually gets gigs and payed for stuff and such. It's even a pretty good band. The songs are pretty decent and all original.

And I'm going to be on a CD. Like a real CD. So I have kind of mixed feelings about this whole thing. While I have spent a lot of my life singing, there is a difference between singing in a choir of 120 people, and singing with one other person. Also, there is the nagging fear that I am not doing it right/somehow offending the lead singer/guitarist/author (all of which are the same person).

However, it is pretty cool. And, I'm trying to figure out how to put this on my resume, even though I'm not really sure what this has to do with virology. Unless they decide that they want to throw a lab musical, in which case I'm the woman for the job.

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ptg said...

You could include some of those 'viral' tunes that are impossible to get out of your mind in your act.

Genevieve said...

Keely sliced one of her fingers deeply over the weekend with a wire (in the stem of an artificial flower.) She's all bandaged up on one hand, and she's not supposed to bend that finger. I don't know what it has done to her lap harp playing, but she says her typing isn't too good right now.

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