Saturday, June 30, 2007

Zucchini, Anyone?

Life in Christian County Kentucky...

ZucchiniIt's that time of the year. We're eating a zucchini dish at least once every day, plus I'm sneaking it into everything I can think of.

We've had sliced raw zucchini with dip. We've had zucchini bread. We've had steamed zucchini, breaded-and-fried zucchini, and zucchini sauteed with onion and served over rice.

My favorite zucchini recipe is the stuffed zucchini that's on my recipe blog. We had it for supper tonight, and it used up two rather large zucchini. I had to wedge them into the pan to boil them.

Another zucchini A cup or more of grated zucchini cooks into meatloaf pretty well. Also, zucchini oatmeal cookies are good. The grated zucchini in them looks like pale green coconut flakes.

I have a recipe for zucchini pancakes, but somehow that doesn't sound good, even to me, the zucchini pusher. Neither does the recipe for zucchini doughnuts.

Zucchini I gave away three zucchini this afternoon, so currently I have only three on hand. I am going to take them to church tomorrow, and try to get someone to take them.

If I don't get rid of them at church, I'm going to commit a "Random Act of Zucchini." I'll give them to someone in a store parking lot.

I've done this before with bags of tomatoes. I've found they are surprisingly easy to give away. People are happy to accept them and I am happy to get rid of them. Let's hope this holds true for zucchini.


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Limey said...

I'm rather worried about the bend in your zucchini insofar as it seems that if you throw it away it will come straight back : )

Genevieve said...

Words like that should not be spoken aloud, Limey, and probably should not even be typed. :)

ptg said...

My garden is a bit behind yours, Genevieve, but its looking like I'll be eating and trying to give away zucchini soon. The link to the stuffed zucchini recipe needs fixing, but I found it anyhow.

Zucchini bread: just an excuse to eat butter.

Genevieve said...

I could mail a few zucchini to you to hold you over until yours are ready, pt. Thanks for letting me know about the link.

Ah, zucchini. Such a good-natured vegetable.

Lesa said...

I LOVE grilled zucchini! There was a "friend" at church this morning giving some away. She was threating to slip some in everyones car that didn't take a bag!! I took two bags! Guess what we are having for supper tomorrow night?? I can't wait to try your stuffed zucchini recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Genevieve said...

Lesa, it's here today, gone tomorrow with zucchini. Feast or famine. You did the right thing -- accepted the zucchinis that were offered to you. Others should be so wise.

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