Monday, July 30, 2007

Working Out at the Y

My machines and me

We dropped our membership at the YMCA about a year ago because we weren't using it enough, Now we've rejoined, and we're giving it another try.

Woman on treadmill We've been going regularly, and I must admit, it's good for me. I walk on the treadmill and get on a couple different exercise bikes for about an hour. I don't go too fast, but it burns about 350-400 calories.

With the exercise and eating a modified South Beach diet as well, I've lost five pounds since we joined. It certainly motivates me to be careful about what I'm eating when I know how much sweat it takes to burn off a few hundred calories.

Dennis likes the various machines that are supposed to tone up different areas of your body. He's also been swimming every day in the pool. He goes on his long, daily bike ride before we even go to the Y, so exercise bikes don't interest him.

I just do my cardio machines. I want to give my heart a little workout, and losing a little more weight would be a nice bonus.

It's nice to exercise in the air conditioning. It's been so hot and dusty that I don't feel like walking outside at present!

I don't know how the Y will fit into my schedule when/if I get a job, but I hope I can make it work.

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limey said...

I think I ought to join you but the walk to the 'Y' from here would proably drop me a few pounds : )

Genevieve said...

Yes, I think your walk to the Y would be enough. You wouldn't have to work out after you arrive. You could just take a shower... and then head home. ;)

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