Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

A few photos from our son's Eagle Court of Honor

Eagle Scout and parents

Tables decorated for Eagle Scout receptionIsaac's Eagle Court of Honor was last Saturday (Sept. 8.) Keely should have been in the above photo with Isaac, Dennis, and me, but as you can see, we didn't get her corralled. She and Taurus, her boyfriend, were a huge help in setting up for the reception and serving it.

We put balloons on the tables and sprinkled red and blue star confetti down their centers. I baked homemade rolls for turkey and ham sandwiches and three kinds of cookies. We also had deviled eggs, chips and dip, other finger foods, cake, and punch.

Eagle Scout Court of HonorHere, Isaac reaffirms the Scout Oath during the ceremony. The Court of Honor was led by several former scoutmasters of Isaac's troop. The program included a candle-lighting ceremony, "Trail of the Eagle." "Voice of the Eagle," and "Eagle Charge," all of which are traditional in this troop for Eagle Courts of Honor.

Pastor James C. Redmann of Faith Lutheran Church, Hopkinsville, KYOur pastor, Rev. James Redmann, was the guest speaker. Pastor Redmann has known Isaac since he was 2 years old, and he's definitely had an influence upon Isaac's upbringing. Since Isaac had to stand through the entire ceremony, he was thankful that Pastor got to the point and didn't talk too long.

Display of Eagle Scout photosThis photo is for people who are looking for ideas for their sons' Eagle Scout ceremonies. This is a Science Fair board. I spray-painted the back of it black. The photos are of Isaac, taking part in various Scouting activities through the years. Sometimes people set up a laptop with a slide show, but this worked well enough. The other Scouts enjoyed finding themselves in some of the photos and reminiscing about the circumstances.

Several days later, I have almost recovered from this event. All in all, it was pretty exhausting. My advice, if you are planning an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, is to start early, get lots of help, and plan thoroughly. We planned well enough, but we should have started earlier with things like getting the programs printed, and we probably should have asked for more help. However, the ceremony went very smoothly and so did the reception, much to my relief!

13 Things To Do Before an Eagle Scout Award Ceremony
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Isaac! We are all very proud of you here in Kansas!

Genevieve said...

We're proud of him too, Kathy.
Scouting has required a big investment of his time and effort. Just to quote a few statistics, during his years in Boy Scouts, he has camped 90 nights, backpacked over 80 miles, and earned 56 merit badges that required study and various skills.

Scoutmaster Steve B. said...

Congratulations Isaac!

Always nice to see another Eagle Scout recognized.

Steve B

Anonymous said...

As a mom trying to plan for my son's ceremony/reception your ideas and photos are a huge help. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to your son!

Genevieve said...

Steve B., thanks for your message to Isaac. Our greetings and best wishes to Troop 68.

Tupperboysx3, congratulations to your son also. I am so glad to hear that the suggestions were helpful. Thanks for letting me know.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to your son! I'm planning my son's ECOH as well and it's always good to see other people's ideas.

Genevieve said...

Thanks, Nik. Congratulations to your son also!

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