Thursday, September 20, 2007

St. Elmo School Revisited

A local couple is compiling information about the St. Elmo School in southeastern Christian County, KY

An early photo of the
St. Elmo School in Christian County, KY

I had a nice note recently from Charles and Dean Norfleet, who grew up in the St. Elmo community of southeastern Christian County, KY. The Norfleets happened to find a post about three old Christian County schools (St. Elmo, Fairview, and Ralston) that I had made a few months ago. Charles wrote the following in an e-mail:

As one who went to the St. Elmo School, I appreciate your interest in it. My wife and I both attended there. I left in 1948 to attend Pembroke and she was among the last group of students to attend there in 1949. I am 70 years old. There are a few people in Christian County still alive who went there earlier than I did (1943).

The building is still being used as a Homemakers Club meeting place. My wife is a current member of the club. They are searching for advice/procedures to have this building placed on the Kentucky Historical Register. If you have any ideas please share them.

This Club has been hosting a BBQ every year for over 55 years. You should attend. 500+ Christian Countians look forward to the 2nd Thursday in July when they come out to the old school for a great outdoor BBQ. Please find attached a very early picture of St. Elmo Elementary School.

If you have information about the school or experience with the Kentucky Historical Register, please get in touch with the Norfleets. They are documenting the school's history from old school rosters, people's memories, etc. You can write to me at prairiebluestem at, and I will gladly forward your e-mail to Charles and Dean.

St. Elmo School, Christian County, KYAs you can see from the photo at right, which I took earlier this year, the building appears to be very well preserved in its historic condition.

Charles also sent a link to "The Pembroke Connection", a great website that you'll enjoy even if you're not from this part of Kentucky. The site is mainly about the Pembroke school -- that is, the Pembroke school along Highway 41, not the new Pembroke school on Highway 115 south of town. The old photos are a trip back in time.

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