Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thirteen Books in My Bookcase

A "Thursday 13" on a random topic

Here's a look at the nearest bookcase to my computer, third row from the top, left to right. Some links below go to Prairie Bluestem posts, and some links go to other internet sites.

1. Beeton's Book of Household Management, by Mrs. Isabella Beeton. Originally by S.O. Beeton in 24 monthly parts, 1859-1861, London. My copy is a "First Edition Facsimile." Online version of this book.

2. Montgomery Ward & Co. Fall & Winter 1894-1895 Catalogue & Buyers Guide: No. 56. As you might suspect, this is a reprint of the original. Story of Montgomery Ward with some illustrations from the 1895 catalog.

3. War-Time Guide Book for the Home. Prepared by the Editorial Staff of Popular Science Monthly. Copyright 1942. Read my post about this book.

4. Fabrics and Dress by Lucy Rathbone and Elizabeth Tarpley. A 1931 home economics textbook. A few images from the book have been posted online by a blogger who has a children's clothing business, but it's under copyright until 2026.

5. The Poems of Eugene Field, Complete Edition. Online version of this book. Read my post about how I acquired this book and also book #6.

6. The Works of Stevenson Read Robert Louis Stevenson online.

7. The Best Short Stories of 1929 List of the stories included in this book.

8. American Notes by Rudyard Kipling. Read this book online. Read my post about what Rudyard Kipling thought of Omaha, Nebraska.

9. Similes and Figures from Alexander McClaren, published in 1910. McClaren was a well-known Scottish Baptist preacher, sometimes called the "Prince of Expositors." Read an artitle by McClaren titled, "The Boy Jesus" which appeared in the 1906 Pennsylvania School Journal.

10. Riley Love-Lyrics, by James Whitcomb Riley Read my posts about William B. Dyer's Life pictures in this book and about growing up with James Whitcomb Riley.

11. Poems of Passion by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Read this book online.

12. The Roundup. Book VII in the New Silent Readers Basal Activities Series, published in 1937. An essay about slang that I posted from this book.

13. America Our Country, a 1934 history book published by the John C. Winston Company. Under copyright until 2029, so I don't usually look in it for blogging material.


Mark said...

That's an interesting list.

Genevieve said...

Mark, if you think that's an interesting list, you must be an old book enthusiast.

Mark said...

Although I don't get a chance to read much lately, I do love books. A friend bought out a used bookstore when the man who owned it closed it. Then when my friend decided to try living on a boat, I couldn't stand the thought of those books being trashed, so I took them. I found most of them homes at a high school and an underfunded college.

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