Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wild March Weather

A week of dramatic precipitation

Flooded wheatfieldA flooded wheatfield, east of Hopkinsville, KY

Just a couple of days ago, Christian County got a big rain -- four to five inches or more, depending on the location. The rain fell fast and hard, and some streets and roads were impassable because of high water.

The newspaper had a couple of stories about foolish people who attempted to drive through high water. One woman drove down a water-covered road and attempted to cross the river on a flooded bridge. Her car stalled out, and she had to get on the roof and wait for rescue.

Another guy drove around "Road closed" signs and barriers. As he tried to navigate the flooded street, his car was carried away by the current. Fortunately for him, the car stuck in some trees in several feet of water, and he didn't go into the river. He also sat on his car roof until he was rescued. (Source: Kentucky New Era, subscription required.)

Tonight, we're wondering how much snow we will get. A winter storm warning is in effect until noon on Saturday. The forecast calls for a little rain, some snow, some rain mixed with snow, and then more snow -- all in all, four to seven inches of snow, accompanied by wind. If it snows and blows as predicted, our lane and blacktop roads will have snowdrifts across them.

The Christian County School District has already announced that school is cancelled for tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow, but if it is snowing heavily, I intend to leave before sundown. I don't want to bust snowdrifts in the dark.

Isaac is supposed to work until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. I'm not sure how that's going to work out, but he won't be busting snowdrifts in the dark either. If necessary, I'll call the store myself and tell them he needs to get home.

I'm imagining the worst -- blizzard conditions, impassable roads, and unreasonable supervisors. It probably won't be nearly that bad. On the other hand, I hope all of us will be prudent citizens who don't need rescue.


Anonymous said...

I remember a while back telling you not to take any notice of the long range weather forecasters. But I did not realise how far from one extreme to the other it would go!


Mark said...

Northwestern Alabama is supposed to get a little of that, but I doubt anything will reach us over in NW Georgia.

Genevieve said...

I'm glad that the National Weather Service has cut back the estimate on total snowfall to 3 to 5 inches. They're still saying that the storm will be at its worst tonight, though. I hate having to wait and see!

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