Monday, April 14, 2008

Hopkinsville's Clock Tower

A Hopkinsville icon

Fire station clock

Fire station clock
Hopkinsville's old clock tower is part of the old firehouse building, now the Woody Winfree Fire and Transportation Museum. The clocks have been repaired recently and the tower has been painted. With the evening sun on it, it's a jewel in the skyline.

The brick building in the foreground houses the Christian County Historical Society's and county historian William Turner's offices. It is the old Standard Mill Supply building, and it stands next door to the firehouse and clock tower.

We have quite a few brick buildings in downtown Hopkinsville with old advertisements painted on them. I enjoy them, but that sentiment is not universal. Someone complained recently on the Hoptown Hall forum that the fading painted ads on Hopkinsville's old downtown buildings make the town look tacky.

I took these photos through the car window at the corner of Liberty and 9th as I waited for the stoplight to change. Stoplights often give me the chance to get a picture that I'd never stand in the street to take.

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Larry said...

A nice pair of photos, Genevieve. How big is Hopkinsville?

Take some more photos of the fading brick-wall signs! They won't be around forever, and they need to be documented, IMHO. I've photographed quite a few in the Quincy-Hannibal area.

Anonymous said...

I've been intending for a long time to photograph downtown. I've only done Ferrell's...

These are pretty in the evening light. I like the faded signs, too.

Beth said...

I love your pictures of Hoptown. They always make me happy to see. Today I learned that a wonderful lady of Hopkinsville passed away. My cousin Mary Evelyn Higgins. She was a great lady and Hopkinsville was richer for her presence.

Genevieve said...

Beth, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I read about an article her in tonight's newspaper and also read some nice comments that people had left. She was quite a lady, and you are right that Hopkinsville will miss her.

Genevieve said...

Larry, Hopkinsville is about 30,000 in population.

Alissa, there is always something to photograph in Hopkinsville, I think. It's just taking the time to stop and get the pictures.

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