Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Season Changes

Beautiful autumn days

I stopped to photograph these yellow maple leaves on the way home from work tonight. I've had little opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Autumn isn't waiting for me; the leaves are taking on their final colors and, one by one, drifting to the ground. The old maple tree in the front yard has already lost most of its leaves.

The season is changing in another sense, with the election of a new President. He's not the person I'd have preferred for the job, but he will be the leader of my country -- my President for the next four years. I will pray for him and his family. May he be blessed with the wisdom of Solomon, because he's certainly going to need it.


ptg said...

I'm envious of the colorful fall you get compared to Nebraska.

Lots of us will have the new President in our prayers. It will help more than cursing him.

Genevieve said...

In the part of Nebraska I came from, our trees were mostly cottonwoods, willows, and Chinese (Siberian) elms. Their fall colors aren't vivid. As a child, it was kind of exciting to see bright red sumac in the canyons of the Niobrara River and along Pine Creek. That helped explain why some of the teacher's paper leaves on the bulletin board were red.

Ann said...

Great pix. I haven't aid much attention to the trees until they are red.

Did you get the president you voted for?

I like reading your journals.

I am a newbie in Blogging. I do a lot of pix on plants, flowers and so on. You may like to check out pix on New Zealand where I now live, and Singapore.


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