Sunday, April 02, 2006

House In Guthrie, Kentucky

Life in Christian County, Kentucky... History and Old Stuff...

This magnificent old house is in Guthrie, Kentucky, on Highway 41 less than a half-mile from the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. Guthrie is in Todd County, one county east of us, about 20 miles from our home. This little town was the birthplace of the noted Kentucky poet, Robert Penn Warren.

When Keely was home Saturday with her boyfriend, we drove over to Clarksville to do some shopping, and we stopped at Guthrie particularly so Keely could admire this house again. It's been one of her favorites for years and she hadn't seen it for a while. I think she likes the turret (the small tower); turrets are a recurring theme in her favorite houses.

When we first moved here, this house was showing signs of deterioration and disrepair, but about ten years ago, a carpenter purchased the house and began a loving restoration of it. It's now the jewel of the little town of Guthrie. I don't know if the same family still owns the house or not. I believe it was offered for sale several years ago.

Concrete statuary adds to the fairy-tale charm of the house. There are gargoyles on the rooftop obelisks, a cherub on the ledge of the attic window, urns on the porch pillars, and much more. This house has enough gravitas to carry off all that ornamentation, though I think much more would be too much.

The stonework and masonry are superbly done with exquisite details. It would be interesting to know something about the workmen who built the home. I wonder if they were local craftsmen or if they were recruited from somewhere else. Were they directed by the architect, the builder, or the homeowner, or was the master stonemason allowed to exercise his creativity and his own judgment?

The side entrance


Annalee said...

I was just up in Guthrie today (decided to take a drive and explore the area a bit more), and came upon that house. What a beauty! I too was wondering what the history and story behind it is ... Haven't been able to find anything though.

Anonymous said...

This old family house was orginally built and constructed and owned by the Mimms Family in Guthrie-Kentucky in the 1800's or early 1900's.

Anonymous said...

My family and I was on our way to Adams TN when on the way there We Saw this Gothic House.Its so Amazing I was wondering on the history too so thats how i got to this blog.Thanks for the great info on here.
Karla Bass

Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw it and fell in love with it

Mel said...

Just passed this house today. I'm in love!

Unknown said...

We just passed the house today and started searching about it, then I found you guys. When we passed the house, my house and I have that eerie feeling about it, something sinister. I said " that house looks creepy" our car windows are close but, suddenly we start smelling that sulfuric smell almost like an old rotten flesh or closet, suddenly both of us start having goosebumps and cold chill from head to toe, almost like an overwhelming feeling and dizziness. I just wanted to know if something horrible happened in that house, what's the history. I think that house is haunted.😱

Unknown said...

Old alumini from there headed back the 23 august

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