Monday, April 03, 2006

Official Report on Tornado in Christian County, KY

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

See also Tornado Damage at Crofton, KY, Tonight posted on 2/5/08.

Here is a Public Information Statement from the National Weather Service, as published on Weather Underground for Hopkinsville, KY:
Public Information Statement

Statement as of 3:30 PM CDT on April 3, 2006

... Damage survey results for the Christian County Kentucky tornado...

The following is the preliminary damage assessment for a portion of the tornado track in Christian County Kentucky. Special note: this tornado track is only a segment of the tornado that affected parts of Christian County on the north section of Hopkinsville.

* Event date: Sunday April 2, 2006.

* Event time: approximately 845 PM CDT.

* Event type: F3 tornado.

* Event location: tornado began north of Gracey along the Gracey Sinking [Fork] Road near Shurdan Creek. The storm was tracked in an eastward direction crossing Highway 1349 near Shurdan Creek... Princeton Road near intersection of Everetts Road... and to Highway 109 near Muddy Fork Creek.

* Peak wind: estimated 180 mph.

* Average path width: 700 yards.

* Path length: 10 miles... rest of path will be reviewed tomorrow.

* Injuries: 22.

* Fatalities: none.

* Discussion/damage: storm track is a continuous path. At least 6 homes totally destroyed. Scores of homes received various degrees of damage. Literally hundreds of trees downed... snapped or uprooted. This is a preliminary report with further damage assessment to be conducted tomorrow, April 4th.


RunAwayImagination said...

Did you sustain any damage from the storms? I thought of you when they said the damage was particularly bad around Hopkinsville.

Genevieve said...

No, we had no damage. We came through unscathed, and I am thankful for our good fortune. The storm passed just a couple of miles north of us. It was a very noisy cloud that made a continous rumble, like a roll of thunder that never ended. We should have been hunkered down in our hallway but we were out on the carport looking at the sky, listening to it, and looking in the car for the little radio I wear when I walk. In retrospect, I realize how dumb we were being.

Ben Calvin said...

Our farm at the intersection of Shiloh Church Road and AJ Draper Road sustained major daamge to pine tres at several groves, while hardwoods in the coves and hollows were undamaged. A neighbor Larry Jackson lost three tobacco barns, which blew over on us. Our tenant Teddy Morgan spent a long of time and money hauling scrap metal to the junkyard. The F3 was pretty bad judging by the damage. The storm damaged a lot of homes on the Antich CHurch road just west of us.

I enjoy your blog so much. Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you and your family.

Genevieve Netz said...

Thanks for your added notes on the tornado damage, Ben. I thought about about your description just a few days ago, when I saw the metal from a shed strewed across a field for a quarter mile near Little River Church of Christ. That damage was supposed to have been caused by a downburst. It is quite amazing how it blew away that one building, but others nearby were apparently undamaged.

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