Friday, April 28, 2006

Campaign Signs

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

Campaign Signs for Primary Election, Christian County, KY

Kentucky's primary elections are scheduled for May 16, and even out in the country, many campaign signs can be seen at intersections and in the front yards of rural residents. On the Hoptown Hall Forum, the State and Local board is full of election talk.

In my own neighborhood, two men are running for office. One is running against half a dozen (more or less) other Democratic candidates for District Magistrate, and the other is running against one other Democrat for State Representative. The upcoming primary election will determine if either of their names appears on the general election ballot this fall. Then they will face Republican and write-in candidates.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that a neighbor who lives near one of the candidates was displaying a big sign for a different candidate in his front yard. Now the neighbor's sign for the different candidate has disappeared. I don't know whether he changed his mind or the wind blew the sign down.

Candidates are campaigning all across the Commonwealth. The Secretary of State's website states, "The 2006 election cycle in Kentucky will be historic with more than 4,000 races on the ballot, more than at any other time in Kentucky's history."

The increase in races on the ballot has happened because of the growth of the Republican party in Kentucky. Many Republican candidates have filed where formerly no Republican candidate would have even appeared on the ballot. Some are uncontested in the primaries and thus will go automatically to the general election ballot. Some face competition and possible defeat from other Republican candidates.

The growth of the Republican party has made it more challenging for Democratic candidates. In years goneby, most races were actually decided in the primaries. A number of people ran as Democrats, the primary election determined the winner, and the winner was unopposed in the general election. It seems that times are changing, and it is probably for the best. Diversity is good.

Personally, I'll be glad when the elections are over and the signs are stored away. I'm tired of them cluttering up the landscape.

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