Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Photos of Superman's Hometown: Metropolis, Illinois

Life in The Upper South... History and Old Stuff...

Here are a few more photos from Metropolis, Illinois. They didn't make the first cut, but they may be interesting to Superman fans. I'm going to set the time on this post so it appears below the other post about Metropolis, just to keep things in a logical order.

Superman's hometownThe Superman area of downtown Metropolis

Superman comic booksComic books at the Superman Store

Betty BoopPart of a life-size metal sign that features the lovable and lovely Betty Boop

The following photos fall under the category of "If only they had asked me before they did it!" Still they do illustrate some of the interesting old architecture in Metropolis. Unfortunately, other members of the party were growing impatient and didn't allow me to continue my walking tour of the historic downtown area or even take photos out the car window. Oh well, another time...

Old house in MetropolisAcross the street from the Isle-of-View Bed and Breakfast

1925 Brickwork in Metropolis, ILJust the top of this old building. A terrible thing has been done to the bottom.

Old riverside business placeIn the riverside area

There's a reason why I like to be the driver (as you can see below.) I haven't yet learned to rely on the preview window on the digital cam. I'm addicted to looking through the viewfiender. This habit results from decades of film-camera photography.

Your humble photographer

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