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More About the Tornado of April 2, 2006

Life in Christian County, Kentucky...

A surprising number of people from everywhere are coming to my blog in search of information about the tornadoes, and I hope that some of the info I've posted will be helpful to them.

Here are a few facts that were in the newspaper last night. Matt Snorten, the emergency services manager for Christian County, says a conservative estimate of the tornado damage in Christian County from the April 2, 2006, twin tornadoes is $26 million. The figure is expected to rise as cleanup progresses.

245 homes in Christian County were damaged, and 88 of them were a total loss, according to damage assessments by county officials. 28 houses in Todd County were damaged as well. 29 people were injured during the tornadoes in Christian County.

The source of the above facts is an article ("Tandem Trouble" by Jennifer P. Brown) in the Kentucky New Era on Thursday, April 6, 2006.

Some photos of the storm damage have been posted on the Fort Campbell Courier website. The Fort Campbell Courier is a publication of the Kentucky New Era. No registration is required to view the Fort Campbell Courier, unlike most of the Kentucky New Era which is now "members only".

I think (?) some stories in the New Era can be read without registration by going to the site that the New Era is affiliated with.

I haven't gone to look at any of the damage personally because sightseeing is discouraged, and besides, it's just rude to drive around gawking at the misfortune of others. I did send a contribution to the local Salvation Army, because they're running a couple of canteens where storm victims and workers can go to eat. The American Red Cross is providing assistance as well.

We in Christian County are very thankful that we had no fatalities, despite 180 mph winds and a long wide storm path. Other communities were not so fortunate on that bad night, most notably the Dyersburg, TN area that suffered 12 fatalities.

Here again is a list of some information sources about the April 2, 2006 tornadoes in Christian County:

Tornado Reports I've Posted in This Blog:
Final Report on Christian County, KY Tornado
Official Report on Tornado in Christian County
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Stormy Weather Tonight

Some Photographs of the Tornado Damage
• National Weather Service photos of the tornado damage.

Here and here are images of the tornado damage in the Sinking Fork area that were posted by the administrator of the Hoptown Hall Forum.

WKDZ Radio has posted over 80 photos of the tornado damage.

Fort Campbell Courier photos of the storm damage

Additional Information
• Google search for news of the Hopkinsville - Christian County tornado.

• The Kentucky New Era

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