Saturday, April 29, 2006

My neighbor lady's yard

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My neighbor lady, the one who has the ajuga growing in her yard, has a nice touch with making "yard art" look natural. She enjoys yard art and has more of it than I will ever have, but I see some things in her yard that look nice and that I wouldn't have the imagination to think up on my own.

Basket of sedum surrounded by woodbineFor example, here's what she did with a big wooden basket her husband made from landscaping timbers. She has sedum planted in and around it, so that it all seems to be flowing together. Or maybe the sedum decided by itself to go down to the ground. Anyway, it looks nice.

Woodbine, a native vine identifiable by its "leaves of five", has sprung up around the basket as it does here in wooded areas. She is training it to grow over the basket's handle -- or maybe it has decided to do that on its own. As I said, she is good at making yard art look natural.

Seashell border along brick sidewalkShe likes seashells and she has worked them into her landscaping. You can see some big ones sitting on the rim of the basket of sedum. Her sidewalk is edged with hostas and seashells. It is an interesting pathway to walk. The plant in front is festuca glauca. It's a bit shady there for it, but apparently it gets enough afternoon sun.

Her yard is part of a grove of trees. I enjoy visiting it. The birds are always singing, squirrels are scampering around, and the sound of the wind is overhead. It feels close to nature there.

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Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Genevieve! If you liked that cat picture, here's another: :-)

I really like your blog -- you've gone to a lot of effort with it to make it really nice, which is a challenge, with blogger. I see you use categories, which again, aren't easy to do with blogger. Kudos!

Genevieve said...

Thanks for your visit, Mary. I want to recommend Trixie's Home to you. She is a knitter from Oklahoma.

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