Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Biannual Checkup

Exhorted to exercise

I am glad this day is over. I've been dreading it for a while, because this was the day I had to go to the doctor to renew my various prescriptions. I had myself in a dither, imagining that my cholesterol and triglicerides would be too high and the doctor would scold me about it.

However, the results from my fasting blood test were not that bad. My cholesterol is significantly less than it was a year ago. The HDL is up and the LDL is down, and the triglycerides and blood sugar are OK.

I haven't lost any weight since my last checkup, but I haven't gained any. The doctor was fairly happy with the blood pressure readings for the last two months that I brought to show him.

The lecture topic of the day was exercise. I reminded the doctor that he had cut a big wart out of the bottom of my foot five months ago and I had only recently stopped wearing a bandade to protect the sore spot. He had a perfect comeback: Who needs to stand for exercise? What about the woman in the wheelchair who works out at the Y?

The doctor's right, of course. I can make lots of excuses -- my foot, work, cold weather, holidays -- but I should be getting more exercise.

Spring begins in February here. It's a good time to develop better habits. Even if I don't feel like going to the Y, I could do yard work on the nicer days or go for a walk. I can even become a mall walker if it's raining or snowing.

When I begin seeing some positive physical results, I might even get self-motivated. Now that would be a real change.


Nichole said...

Health exams are no fun especially if you are seeing the doctor that I think you use. I like him quite well but he is strict. I'm glad you did not gain any weight. I'm manage to stay the same but that is not saying much. I put on 30 lbs in 2004 and haven't been able to shake those pounds. I've stayed about the same since then.

Genevieve said...

Yes, the good doctor does give you a hard time if he thinks you've been slacking in any way, and he emphasizes and re-emphasizes, just to make sure you realize how serious he is.

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