Monday, April 13, 2009

Scrabble to the Death

Marathon match

Keely brought her fancy Scrabble board yesterday when she and Taurus came out for Easter dinner. After the dishes were done, she challenged me to a Scrabble "duel to the death", and I accepted.

Each square on Keely's board has a ridge around its boundaries so the letters don't slide around.  It has twice as many letter pieces as Classic Scrabble does and twice as many squares on the board.  The squares on the corners are quadruple words, and there are also some quadruple letter squares.

Our duel lasted three hours.  Lengthy dictionary searches were conducted (mostly by me, because I wasn't feeling very sharp), and there was an extended "7th inning stretch" while I found the popcorn and the air popper.

We managed to play all the letters, and the final score was 711-707 in my favor. My brain was dead afterwards so Keely did duel me to the death.

It wasn't a decisive victory. I wouldn't have won if Keely hadn't showed me a place to play where I got 19 points, instead of the 6 points I was getting ready to play. But on the other hand, she played a proper noun (Zend), and I didn't catch it until it was too late to call it. I predict a rematch in the future.


Michael Leddy said...

What a game! I like the labeling in the photo too.

Collagemama said...

An excellent holiday afternoon diversion. I'm jealous.

K.Fred Hilf said...

THAT'S... a board full! Your Spring flower's shot turned out excellent and the "Stormy Wx" pix 2/3 clouds; just right! Thanks for the email tweets & JA has more surgery this friday! I'm worried__ for me, a little prayer ever night for her__,
...later, ~(:-))-

Genevieve said...

Kenneth, I am praying all goes well with the surgery. Let us know, OK?

heelers said...

As a Scrabble addict, I found this post compelling reading, right up to the end when we found out who won and how!

Genevieve said...

James, I am quite sure that you and others who've commented on this post would be formidable opponents in Scrabble.

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