Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day 2009

Taxes and Tea Parties

Today was April 15, so I completed and e-filed our taxes. When I figured them roughly several months ago, I saw that we had to make an additional payment. I wasn't anxious to relinquish the money until the last minute.

I had a Tax Day conversation with the man who's doing roofing repairs for us. He told me that he had to pay an extra "five" when he filed a few days ago. "Five hundred?" I asked. "No, five thousand," he replied. (He probably needs to increase his quarterly payments!)

If I hadn't been busy with our taxes today, I could have gone to a Tax Day Tea Party. As you may know, rallies against higher taxes were held across the nation. Many people are very concerned about a huge increase in Federal spending that ultimately must be funded with a huge increase in taxes.

Several Tea Parties were held in this area today -- Bowling Green (KY), Clarksville (TN), and Madisonville (KY). The Hoptown Hall forum has some accounts from people who attended these events, and the forum's moderator has posted some photos from the Bowling Green Tea Party.

When I was in Wal-Mart late this evening, I noticed that the edition of TurboTax I used was sold out completely. It's a good thing I didn't wait until the last minute to buy the software, or I might have been downloading desperately. (Figure the taxes on paper with brain and calculator power? Perish the thought!)

Wal-Mart's in-house tax service, Jackson Hewitt, was closing up shop and moving out. A crew was taking the booths, desks, and computers to a truck and trailer waiting outside. Tax season is over for this year, but it's a sure bet that the debate about taxes will continue.


Genevieve said...

To the Chinese spammer who continues to post fake comments on this blog:

1. Nobody is going to click on your spam links.

2. I delete every comment you make as soon as I find it.

3. Google inserts a 'rel="no-follow"' tag into every link in a Blogger comment. Your spam links will never get any of my blog's page rank.

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The Bigot Patrol said...

You are such a bigot and a racist! People like you give a bad name to Christians. Because a Chinese spammer bothers your little blog, all Chinese people are acting poorly?!
And your stupid comment about the owner of a business with a misspelled ad...

Genevieve said...

The spammer from China was being a jerk. He left 50 or more spam messages at a time on this blog, day after day. After I left this note for him, he quit. I hope he decided to be a better ambassador for his country and gave up spamming.

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