Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whistlestop Donuts

New donut shop in Hopkinsville

Hopkinsville has a new donut drive-through and everyone is talking about it. Its name is Whistlestop Donuts, and it's named for its location on 9th Street, near the train tracks.

Word-of-mouth advertising is working very well for Whistlestop Donuts. A dozen people have told me how good the donuts are. I've read about Whistlestop donuts on the Hoptown Hall. Several of the convenience stores have started carrying Whistlestop donuts. Isaac mentioned that one of the managers had brought Whistlestops to work and put them in the break-room.

Tonight, as I drove a co-worker home from work, I passed Whistlestop's little building. The neon "Open" sign was glowing, and several cars were waiting in line at the drive-through window.

When I came down that street again on my way home, I yielded to temptation. After all, I just finished working six days in a row and taking care of the neighbor ladies' seven dogs for several days. I deserved a donut (or two.)

"I've never been here before, and I don't know what to get," I told the girl at the window. "Tell me what I want."

"You want a dozen," she told me firmly, and she began listing the choices. Donuts, Bismarcks, cinnamon rolls, Long Johns, apple fritters, chocolate, cream cheese, vanilla, raspberry, lemon. They all sounded good. "Just give me an assortment," I finally said.

She took a box and went to the other side of the room. I watched her filling the box from big trays on a baker's rack. Soon she was back. "You're gonna love 'em, honey," she promised, as she gave me the box.

On the way home, I called Isaac who was also getting off work. "I've been to the Evil One," I told him. "What, WalMart?" he asked.

"No, I've been to Whistlestop Donuts and bought a dozen," I confessed. Isaac was surprised and happy. "Really?! I'm going to have some when I get home!" That was my thought, as well.

And I agree with everyone else. They are good donuts. They are more substantial than yeast donuts usually are. They don't have large air pockets.

I think the girl at the Whistlestop window must like chocolate. Half of the doughnuts she put in the box had chocolate glaze. I was a little disappointed that she didn't put in a cream-cheese Bismarck, but that gives me an excuse to stop again, one of these days.


Lesa said...

They are good! Our boss treated us to some several weeks ago. I inhaled a chocolate glazed one. I didn't know they had that wide of an assortment. Now I have to check it out on my way home! The only problem will the empty box when I get home! I can eat 2 or 3 and still be hungry! Do you ever get really full when you eat donuts?

Genevieve said...

That box of donuts didn't last long around here, Lisa. We all would have enjoyed a few more of them. I would have eaten one on the way home, except that the girl told me they were still hot and the glaze was still sticky.

Genevieve said...

An amusing comment from a local reader by e-mail

When my car crosses the tracks on 9th Street, my tires suddenly tug to the right…. And it’s all I can do to steer left. Most times the car Wins! Best donuts I eaten in years. Reminds me of Don’s Donut Shop that used to be in Clarksville, almost directly across from Wal Mart on Ft Campbell Blvd. They have been gone a long time now. Next time you get the urge, try their bear claws or a chocolate covered (German) creamed fill Bismarck. You’ll see how quick your “car” learns where to turn.

Keely said...

They have lots of flavors of filled ones. I like the raspberry, and they have a blueberry filled that Taurus likes.

ptg said...

A new donut shop has opened in Gretna, Nebraska, where I live part of the time. Their donuts are fresh and tasty. Before they opened, all we had for donuts here were the greasy, soggy ones from a couple of convenience store/gas stations.

The trouble is, the new donut shop closes at noon. I like a pastry in the evening once in a while. How late does the Whistlestop stay open?

Genevieve said...

You will be jealous when you hear this. The Whistlestop is open 24 hours. At first, they were open just 5 AM to 5 PM. Their business has increased so much that they are making donuts around the clock now, so they keep the drive-through window open all night long. As it happens, their building is a former liquor store already equipped with a drive-through window. So they had the perfect set-up already in place.

ptg said...

No fooling? Hopkinsville has a 24 hour donut shop? I am jealous.

I'm going to print this out and take it over to our donut shop. I'd be happy if they just stayed open until 7:00 PM.

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