Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dental Ordeal Survived

Anticipation was the worst part

I've been having dental problems. Recently, I managed to split the root of a tooth. My dentist and the oral surgeon agreed that it had to come out. They also agreed that they'd never seen anything like it!

I went to the oral surgeon on Friday and he removed the tooth. I was dreading the extraction terribly, but I can honestly say that it didn't hurt much. The injections burned a little, but they were small discomforts. The numbing agent took effect quickly, and most of the pain I suffered was mental and emotional, not physical.


When I came back to the waiting room, Isaac sprang from his chair and helped me to the car. He drove me home and led me to the sofa. Then he got me an ice pack and a pain pill, tucked an afghan around me, and brought my kitty to snuggle with me. I dozed off quickly.

Dennis came home from work a few hours later, and I woke up enough to hear the guys whispering. "How's she doing?" "She's been lying there ever since we got home." "Just let her sleep!"

Later, Dr. Miller called. He was worried that I might be bleeding. I answered his questions as well as I could, and he asked me to call him if I had any problems whatsoever.

Dennis fixed me a can of potato soup for supper that night. He mashed all the potatoes in it so there weren't any big chunks. During the night, he got me another pain pill, and the next morning he fixed me oatmeal for breakfast.

I appreciated those little acts of kindness. When you're injured -- even with just a sore jaw -- it's heartwarming to know that someone cares and really wants to help. I've been reminded of the healing power of compassion.

Avoiding dry socket

About seven years ago, I had a tooth pulled just a couple of days before leaving for a car trip. I was in agony with the darned thing and had to live on Advil for the entire time I was traveling.

I realized afterwards that I must have had a "dry socket" -- a notoriously painful condition that occurs when a blood clot fails to form or is prematurely dislodged. The physical work of getting ready for the trip, loading the car, etc., probably caused the problem.

I was determined that wasn't going to happen this time. After the extraction, I spent about 48 hours just lying around. I can't remember the last time I've slept that much. (I didn't even have to feel guilty about it!)

Today, I'm feeling fairly well, all things considered. I've done a few things that didn't require much exertion. Tomorrow (Monday), I'm going to resume a mostly-normal life, and Tuesday, I'm going back to work.


Michael Leddy said...

Genevieve, I hope you feel like yourself again really soon.

Genevieve said...

Thank you, Michael. I'm still not bending, lifting, etc., but I'm feeling surprisingly well.

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