Sunday, August 09, 2009

Interesting and Useful Stuff on the Internet

Internet diversions and more

At Blind Search, you can (blindly) compare the results and choose your favorite of Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches.

Type something and hear it spoken at Oddcast. You select the sex, accent, and language of the speaker, as well as various sound effects. (A link from Gloria.)

The Puzzle Museum. (Also sent to me by Gloria.)

Craziest Gadgets is a technology blog about unique inventions of the oddest sort. (This link was sent to me by Taurus.)

Sharkbreak is a stress-relieving toy to play with while you are waiting on the telephone. Chatnoir is a more challenging game -- try to cage the cat. (These links are from Kenneth.)

If you liked Chatnoir, you might like some of the other Flash games at Gamedesign, too.

Free Fax will send a DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF as a fax. (Hint--some scanners will save in PDF format.) There's a small fee if you don't want advertising on the cover sheet.

Make your own bike rack. This rack is for hauling bicycles in a truck, but it would work just as well for the garage.

Printable Paper is a great resource for graph paper, game score sheets, staff and chord paper for music, and much more.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet is where I recently found links to the 1900 and 1920 U.S. Census records which contain handwritten data about my great-grandparents George and Elizabeth Sees.

Check Prairie Bluestem's "Internet" tag for more great links.


Kenneth Fred Hilf said...

Hi Gene: It's to late tonight to check out all these good links now... tomorrow is better:) I was sorry to see that above mould problem do so much damage! We had a strange mould on our petunias leaves and the flowers (a favorite) were hurt by the mould troubles here in PA.
CUL, kfH(:-))

Genevieve said...

Hi, Kenneth. I drove by that field of tobacco again yesterday and saw that the plants are now turning brown. I hate to see a promising crop go bad.

Regarding the links, I still can't win that cat game every time.

Kenneth Fred Hilf said...

Hey "G" ... I found that I had the SAME kind of a, blind-spot? Another oddity__
the History Chnl just showed KT as #1 over CA, Mendecino's output in medecinal & requ.weed. "World-Class" is said to be limited to your GSM National Park which I think is quite unlikley? And another thing: Mamoth Cave hand braded plug chew... best I ever HAD! (ah, 30yrs ago)
Dry'in Hot next summer__ kfh(:-))

Genevieve said...

I think the Mammoth Cave plug tobacco is still available. I think we sold it when I worked at the little country store.

You're right about the marijuana. I heard something on the radio just yesterday about Kentucky being one of the nation's top producers.

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