Saturday, September 05, 2009

Old Church Demolished in Henderson, KY

Henderson landmark lost to wrecking ball

When we visited Henderson, KY, about a year ago, I photographed this vacant church building. I thought that the front part of the church had interesting elements of Modernism in its architecture.

I was quite surprised when I read recently on the Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog that the church has been torn down. In "Another Landmark Gone",  Brenda writes that the original church building (photo at right) dates back to the 1850s. It was the oldest church building in Henderson.

She notes that the new part of the church was built about 1930. That date matches my guess of the structure's age, based on the boxy style and the geometric accents in the masonry.

An article in the Henderson Gleaner says that the buildings were also home to the Haven Pentecostal Church.

It's a shame that no use could be found for these historic buildings. I suppose that the corner will now be occupied by a drug store, a gas station, or an auto parts store.

Isaac got tired of waiting for me the day that I took these photos. It was hot, and he was sitting in the car. I'm glad I have the pictures, though. Sometimes I fail to photograph a building I like, and then I regret it after the building suddenly disappears.

I'm also glad that the congregation of the First Christian Church is still intact. I read on the church website that they moved to a new building in 1962.  The Haven Pentecostal Church also continues to meet. It looks like they have a new building too.

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