Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Sunset

Cooler weather moves in

Our weather forecast predicts lows tonight in the mid 30s, highs tomorrow in the mid 50s, and clear weather through next Saturday. I hope this forecast proves true. We've had so much rain that farmers are having a terrible time getting their crops out of the fields.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gennie, Nice sunset pictures! We have had snow about 3 times already and plenty of rain. The farmers are having trouble getting their beans out. But the crops are better than usual due to the nice rains this summer. Just like the hay crop was. We got about 3" of snow last Friday and the about an inch and half of rain. The roads were terrible that morning. But the highways were dry by late afternoon. It has been real nice yesterday and today so we can at last get some yard work done for winter. I hear we are suppose to get an "el nino" this winter which should mean a dry winter here in the northern U.S. It doesn't act like it now but you never know what the weather will do in Nebraska, as you well know. Sammie

Genevieve said...

Hi, Sammie. I have been reading the weather reports for north central Nebraska, and I've decided it snows much too early up there! I've become much too soft to survive a Nebraska winter.

There are many, many fields of beans here waiting to be harvested and still some fields of corn waiting to be combined, too. At work, one of my customers was expressing frustration that we've had such a good growing year, but we can't get the crops out of the fields.

We had about a week of dry weather before our last rain, and the farmers did what they could in that time.

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