Sunday, December 12, 2010

Justice Center and Jail, Hopkinsville, KY

Law and order on the West Bank

Christian County Justice Center, as seen
from the east bank of Little River

Main entrance, Christian County Justice Center
The Christian County Justice Center sits on the west side of Little River in Hopkinsville (KY). This handsome public building was designed by local architect Keith Sharp and put into service in 2002. It includes 73,000 square feet of space and houses five courts.

In a May 24, 2002, Kentucky New Era article, Sharp commented on the underlying philosophy of the building's design:

We live in a land of freedom and justice. You are entering into a place that should evoke you to think about that. Public buildings have a duty to the community to establish a sense of permanence. That sense of establishment is present in this courthouse...

Frankly, the Justice Center has so much gravitas that I feel a little awed every time I drive by it.

The Justice Center is connected by tunnel to the Christian County Jail (located on the opposite side of West 7th Street). The jail was also designed by Keith Sharp, and it was completed in 1994. Like the Justice Center, it has an attractive, dignified facade. The City of Hopkinsville website has a good photo of the jail, contributed by Jim Creighton.

I don't often have a reason to visit the Justice Center. Unless I am called again for jury duty, I probably won't go there again until I need my driver's license renewed. I have never yet been inside the jail.

These two "law and order" buildings, the public library, and the public park along Little River form a civic campus that enhances the west side of downtown Hopkinsville. I wish all the approaches to our historic downtown area were as attractive!

West 7th Street, looking toward
Little River and the historic downtown


Elaine said...

You know, our city's 'approaches' are also appalling--the Interstate, the plethora of billboards and forest of tacky neon signage. If someone is driving here for the first time, I try to bring them in along a broad boulevard and through a nicer residential area. Alas, there is a LOT of 'ugly' out there.

Genevieve said...

Alas, there is a LOT of 'ugly' out there.

All too true, Elaine!

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